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Imagine. You created an intelligent conversational AI for your business, your business grows and the sales go up. Looks like you need some additional support with customer service. The virtual chatbot you have developed deployed has data collected from so many customers and has practically grown with these interactions. How easy would it be if you could remake this intelligent bot for another business process with just a click of a button?

Save time and money!

An intelligent bot can even understand the buying behavior of the user with the data collected. There could also be instances when you would want to make changes to the workbot or maybe try different versions of conversations to see which one works better. Or maybe you have created a Unicorn Workbot that you would want to share with others or across your business.

How can you get a new Workbot?

Simple. With the ‘Clone Workbot’ feature of Botspice

What is Bot Cloning?

Bot Cloning feature allows you to transfer the contents of one bot to another with just a few clicks. It will copy your conversation flows, automation and AI-powered “Brain” to the destination account.

Every Workbot in Botspice comprises intents and responses.

Intent refers to the response that the customer has in mind when typing in a question or comment. For example, in a real estate chatbot, the intent of the user could be Property, Houses for rent, etc. It is basically to understand which journey is to be triggered by the bot and when.

Responses are the answer the bot gives in response to the intent created and the various paths a user can take via the bot.

Botspice’s Workbot cloning allows you to copy all these intents and responses of a Workbot with a click of a button. You can replicate a bot in just seconds. A Workbot with massive data that has contributed to the bot’s heuristic learning will be replicated as well with the Clone workbot feature. This is an extremely easy and fast way to automate business functions and cut costs while saving time.

How to clone a bot?

Cloning a Workbot is pretty simple.

Select the Workbot dropdown and click the created Workbot section.

Select the Settings icon below and the clone option pops up.

You will receive a pop-up notification where you can confirm your Workbots cloning.

And done! The Workbot is successfully cloned!

Why Botspice?

Botspice workbot takes away the effort of coding and building your “Brain” to drive the conversation. It allows you to modify the workflow and deploy your workbot in minimal time.

It provides the following benefits to businesses:

· Help in faster deployment of bots across verticals.

· Helps in NLP orchestration that creates a consistent bot character.

· Help use customer data and buying behavior to reinforce the Workbot.

· Help maintains the look and feel of the brand across multiple business use cases.

If you are curious to learn more, reach out to our expert and start your journey with a Workbot.




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